After the completion of the sponsor contract representatives of Thor and KIVI in the Flux building on the TU/e campus. From left to right: Steven Luitjens (KIVI Electrical Engineering, Committee South), Martyn van Dijke (Commissaris Externe Betrekkingen der e.t.s.v. Thor) and Toon Lamers (chairman Young KIVI Engineers).

Sponsoring e.t.s.v. Thor

In August the sponsoring contract between e.t.s.v. Thor (association of Electrical Engineering students at TU/e) and the KIVI section Electrical Engineering has been completed.  

The sponsoring is intended to support Thor and make KIVI visible for Thor members by being on their website and showing posters of our activities. Sponsoring e.t.s.v. Thor perfectly fits the KIVI-EE strategy to promote activities with students and young professionals.

Collaboration in the past

It builds on the fruitful contacts between Thor and the KIVI-EE Committee South in the past. We are confident that these interactions will be beneficial for both parties.

The contract has been completed and will be executed in close collaboration with the Young KIVI Engineers (YKE) section. The interest of the YKE section is much broader than Electrical Engineering. YKE wants to take care of the interest of engineers just starting their career after graduation.

Starting a career with Young KIVI Engineers

To start and maintain a career networking and keeping in touch with new developments is crucial. This next to the “normal” life activities like starting a family, buying a house.  Some engineers will be starting their own company or will be going abroad.

Young KIVI Engineers wants to help by organizing activities like workshops and courses on soft skills and career development. KIVI provides a special development tool for this purpose. Want to know more? Get in touch with Young KIVI Engineers!



ETV Delft as well

As a result of the same strategy KIVI Elektrotechniek also sponsors activities of ETV at TU-Delft.