A presentation by KLM Engineering & Maintenance about the latest innovation in the field of big data usage for predictive aircraft maintenance technology. 

KLM has been developing an advanced futuristic predictive maintenance software program over the last few years. Aircraft are producing more and more data in flight which opens the door to many new technological opportunities to make flying more economical, reliable and data-driven. Ir. Sidney Stokkers (KLM Engineering & Maintenance division) will explain the role and function of this big-data driven technology within KLM’s Operations. If you want to know more about the future of aviation and what is on the forefront of this technology development: this webinar is a must to join!

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During this webinar, Ir. Sidney Stokkers and Paolo Monti will share the latest developments within KLM Engineering & Maintenance during a 30 minutes presentation. Specific questions from the audience will be gathered. During the last 20 minutes of the webinar session we will provide the opportunity to have these specific topics addressed and answered. 

The presentation during this webinar will be in English. Due to the current unfortunate COVID-19 circumstances we have decided to make this webinar available for potential new KIVI members for a one time small fee.  

We look forward to your participation during this elevating webinar!


 -  uur Introduction of Ir. Sidney Stokkers
 -  uur Presentation KLM: Predictive Maintenance on aircraft by Ir. Sidney Stokkers
 -  uur Opportunity for questions