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11 juni 2021
16:00 uur - 17:30 uur

Philosophical Table - PLASTICS

For the restart of our events, the department of Philosophy and Technology has chosen to collaborate with the TU/e Study Association AnArchi. Chairman Prof. ir. Jac van den Broek has reached out to Associate Professor Jacob Voorthuis. Together they invite you to join this event on Friday, June 11th, where Study Association AnArchi organizes her 24th Philosophical Table. This time, it is our pleasure to take a seat at one of this ‘round table meetings’ at the TU/e to discuss the theme PLASTICS.

F&T Noord-Brabant
1 april 2021
20:00 uur - 21:30 uur

Logistiek Centrum Soesterberg (LCS) en Technology Center Land (TCL)

Laatste ontwikkelingen tav Logistiek centrum Soesterberg en Technology Center Land

DV Zuid-Holland