EUV Lithografy

What is EUV Lithografy, what are the possibilities and challenges  and are the expected milestones reached so far?
On April 23, it will be explained during a visit to the Experience Centre of ASML

some recent  information can be found here :

Using a wavelength of just 13.5 nanometers (nearly x-ray level), our EUV technology can do big things on a tiny scale.
Developed over 20 years of sustained R&D, our machines are now gearing up to power the next generation of integrated circuits during at least the next decade.

Lithography that shapes the future. Providing highest-resolution lithography in high-volume manufacturing, ASML’s EUV machines are pushing Moore’s Law forward.


During this visit to ASML Patrick W.H. de Jager ASML sr. director New Business will first give a presentation on the development, progress of EUV and a overview about the new products.

There will be ample time to ask questions for further explanation.

After the presentation we are invited to visit the ASML Experience Center where many components of the EUV machines are on display and will be explained.



The TWINSCAN NXE:3400C is ASML’s latest-generation lithography system, supporting EUV volume production at the 7 and 5 nm nodes.


More about the ASML Technology see Big steps in tiny patterns

Name and contact for Information

Dr.Ir. Eric Persoon Member of the Royal Netherlands Engineering Society, department Electrical
Engineering, Team EnergyNL2050 E-mail eric,




 -  uur Arrival and reception Visitors Building 7
 -  uur EUV Lithografy by Patrick W.H. de Jager ASML sr. director New Business
 -  uur Visit Experience Centre ASML
 -  uur Networking with drinks