Workplace Vitality Hub

To boost the vitality of working people positively, partners Fontys, imec, TNO, TU/e, HTCE and Twice have founded the Workplace Vitality Hub. Home of the hub is High Tech Campus 85 in Eindhoven, a smart office in which the founding partners – together with business partners – combine their extensive knowledge and experience to create real, innovative and efficient solutions for a more vital working environment.

Smart application of technology to enhance vitality

At HTC 85, we research and develop new technologies and their applications in a real-life office setting (living lab), with a focus on people at work and their wishes and requirement. Through the application of smart (intuitive) technologies, we aim to improve the vitality of our employees and to make buildings a healthier place to work. The results: improved performance of people, buildings and businesses.

Within the Workplace Vitality Hub, there are various possibilities for research projects and (graduation) assignments. For example, you can conduct research into the possibilities of active working, the effects of power naps or the role of smart sensor technology on the vitality of office workers.

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Presentation: Flexible electronics and sensing to increase vitality (Dr. Margreet de Kok, TNO)

An ultrathin conformable smart sensor mat that can detect a person’s breathing rate, heart rate and posture. The multi-modal sensing mat consists of a combination of printed piezo-resistive and piezo-electric sensors. In one implementation, the mat can be placed under a bedsheet, enabling long-term monitoring of patients in a hospital bed or babies sleeping at home. The mat can also be integrated into the seat and back of an office chair, increasing and extending the vitality of our work force. When used in a car seat, the mat can monitor posture and driver alertness.

Presentation: Radar-based sensing to facilitate living lab experiments (Sywert Brongersma, imec)

Remote monitoring through millimeter RF waves provides opportunities for the workplace vitality HUB to remotely and anonymously keep track of room occupancy, people counting, people tracking, gesture recognition and vital sign monitoring. This will allow the living lab to set up experiments, for instance, for studying the impact of changes of the environment to behavior of the people. Current advances in indoor radar will be presented with an outlook towards the near future.

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Guided tour

Following the presentations, we will get a clear view of the experiments and conditions in the Hub during the guided tour. Remaining questions can be addressed.


The Workplace Vitality Hub provides an excellent opportunity to network, deal with remaining questions and enjoy a drink.

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