Creativity and creative collaboration in product innovation

Creative Facilitation is the art of leading a team through a creative process in order to solve problems or generate new, shared visions and opportunities for organizations. Getting everyone on the same page in an open and trustful atmosphere of creative collaboration demands special care and attention.

Throwing ideas about in a quick brainstorm session is often based on memory and logic, and with the right experts this often does the trick. However, when facing more complex design issues, or in cases where shared understanding is required, Creative Facilitation offers an important added value when addressing these issues. Creative Facilitation uses the fundamental concepts of Industrial Design Engineering to create and elaborate ideas into workable solutions.


In this Master Class, we address these issues from the point of view of designing and leading creative processes as a creative facilitator.

Learning Objectives

During this master class, you will learn to:

  • create an atmosphere of trust, and achieve so-called ‘suspension of disbelief’;
  • design and run creative processes for specific problems or issues;
  • inventorise and redefine problems and objectives in context.


Marc Tassoul

Marc Tassoul is lecturer in Creativity and Creative facilitation at IDE, TU Delft. He has a vast experience in running workshops and sharing his knowledge and insights via presentations and publications.