Design Visualization

Communicating ideas in a simple and effective way

This two-day course will teach you to develop and share thoughts, ideas, and stories in a rich way by visualising them. Improve your communication with peers, management, and clients with simple and effective, though rich, visuals.
Learn from theory and various exercises in different domains how to visualise the right image for various purposes, e.g. and process sketches and roadmaps.
Takeaway: this course provides great means to start thinking and working more visually in your daily practice.

Sketches and visuals can take different forms and have different functions, depending on the design stage and related communication requirements. The variety of ways how to visualize within the domain of industrial design is extensive.


This Master Class addresses the visual exploration of strategies, sketches of objects, shapes and 3D scenes, story-telling, visual thinking, and data representation, all of which are built on a clear methodological framework.

Learning Objectives

During this master class, you will learn to:

  • how to support design thinking with visual thinking;
  • how to communicate visual information;
  • to apply different techniques, tools and materials;
  • how you can integrate visualization approaches in your daily practice.


  • the broadening field of (design) sketching
  • visual note taking: from sketching concrete things to sketching the intangible
  • visual tactics
  • visualizing a system overview
  • sketching and visualizing a journey


JanWillem Hoftijzer spent several years working as a product designer. Today, he teaches design drawing ans coordinates staff at the faculty of IDE.