Digital manufacturing, such as 3D printing, is a collection of disruptive technologies that is changing our daily lives. This trend requires new skills, based on a deep understanding of the interaction of the digital and the physical in design.

In this Master Class, professional designers and engineers explore enabling technologies (soft and hardware), and learn to recognize best practices in academia and industry. Example cases are presented and IDE alumni give practical advice. Finally, participants apply the gained knowledge in a design challenge.

During this Master Class, you will:
• learn the workflow of digital manufacturing: from scanning & modelling to visualisation & 3D printing;
• study high-tech solutions that 3D printing enables;
• investigate business and innovation opportunities of Digital Manufacturing and the emergence of the maker movement;
• understand the digital design tools with their capabilities and pitfalls;
• explore parameterised and multi-materia models.

Zjenja Doubrovski is Assistant Professor Advanced Manufacturing at the department Design Engineering,  IDE, TU Delft. He has a background in design for additive manufacturing, and is an expert in multi-material manufacturing.
Jouke Verlinden is Associate Professor Augmented Fabrication at the Faculty of Design Sciences at University of Antwerp and at IDE, TU Delft. He is a pioneering researcher in humancentred digital fabrication.