Please celebrate our first live event of the year with us and join us for a free networking opportunity hosted by the Royal Netherlands Institute of Engineers.

On that evening TU Delft laureate, education enthusiast and TEDx speaker Hildo Bijl will present:
Acquiring New Skills: lessons from an educator for current day engineers
In this talk, Hildo Bijl will show you recent trends in how education is adapting to these new ideas, and what steps are required to master new skills. These ideas are then used to come up with a few lessons for current-day engineers. What is the best way for you to acquire a new skill?
Entry is free and includes free drinks and snacks.

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About Hildo Bijl

Hildo Bijl studied Aerospace Engineering in Delft, including an internship at NASA Ames. Afterwards, he continued with a Ph.D. on applying machine learning techniques within control theory, both in Delft and Uppsala. During his studies he also played Ultimate Frisbee on a high level, and has coached various national teams. Yet his main passion lies in improving education. He gave multiple talks on the subject (including a TEDx talk) and founded the Aerostudents student community. Currently he teaches at the Utrecht University of Applied Sciences, where he tries to automate his own job through a teaching app called Step-Wise.

Hildo gave a talk to his students at the beginning of 2020 to explain how they could use mathematics and algorithms to predict the spread of covid. The predictions turned out to be mostly correct in the course of the next months.


 -  uur Open doors (Music time!)
 -  uur Welcoming speech
 -  uur Presentation: Acquiring new skills - Hildo Bijl
 -  uur Q&A
 -  uur Networking drinks
 -  uur End of the session