On 20th February KIE co-organized with Work4water the event “Bridging the gap; Dutch water technologies in the Middle East and Africa”.

The “Dutch diamond model” was applied by inviting speakers from NOGs, business, investors (the Dutch Bank for development (FMO) and knowledge institutes to give insight to water challenges and opportunities from different perspectives. Potential areas for Dutch technologies to fill the gap were presented (Attached is the presentation).

The panel was followed by Waternet presentation of three successfully implemented projects in Ghana, Lebanon and Morocco. The message was that we can do difference.  Later the discussion was open to the 47 Participants with an interesting exchange of ideas and experiences in the region. The discussions went on during the networking at the end of the event while enjoying Syrian finger foods.

Presentation can be delivered on request: kie@kivi.nl



 -  uur Registrations
 -  uur Dutch experience in the region - Koen Maathuis, WaterNet
 -  uur Opportunities to fill the needs - Hala Alhamed, Work4water
 -  uur Overview presentation Dutch diamond model - Hala Alhamed
 -  uur FMO - Pritha Harirma
 -  uur Knowledge institutes - Sondos Saad
 -  uur Water Alliance - Matthijs Plijnaar
 -  uur Open discussion (Moderator Hala Alhamed)
 -  uur Middle eastern food and Networking