KIVI International Engineers would like you to meet Stephanie Akkaoui Hughes, CEO of AKKA Architects.

Architect, author, international speaker, founder and CEO of AKKA Architects, Stephanie is part of a new breed of young visionary leaders. A strong advocate of value created through cross-disciplinary interactions, she believes that the most sustainable innovation will happen at the intersection of different fields.

Stephanie believes that he right contexts for interactions can create environments that can be used as strategic tools to drive business growth, individuals advancement and social impact.

Stephanie’s speaking is driven by her vision of Architecting Interaction. Based on Stephanie’s belief that interactions are the seeds of innovation.


Besides leading architectural projects, Stephanie has been a consultant to a large number of wide audiences including social entrepreneurs, corporations & governmental bodies to help them adopt the vision of Architecting Interaction and implement it in their own specific situation.

Using the vision of Architecting Interaction as an aspirational and operational framework, these consultancy programs explore how to translate the "AKKA process" into actionable steps for any challenge, faced by individuals, businesses, communities or institutions. Recent clients include Guardian Glass, Saint Gobain, the European Commission, a large banking corporation in Europe & a number of Dutch ministries.

In addition, Stephanie serves on the advisory & executive boards of a number of business & creative organizations, including the Stimuleringsfunds Creative Industry in the Netherlands and Ebbf the international business forum.



How do we elevate our industries together?


In her speech, Stephanie Akkaoui Hughes, will explore how the challenges of our industries -Architecture, Design and Engineering-, can be taken to create opportunities to collaborate and innovate in an adaptable and anticipatory way. Together.

She will explain how her vision ‘Architecting Interaction’ plays a fundamental role in our industries and that can help improve the way we deliver products and/or services to clients and/or end users.


 -  uur Opening and introduction by KIVI International Engineers board
 -  uur Lecture Stephanie Akkaoui Hughes
 -  uur Dialogue & Interactive Q&A
 -  uur Networking Cocktail