KIVI International Engineers is an active section with a clear mission and big ambitions.

Due to increasing activities and interest, the section is looking for new board members who are keen and interested to join the current board. The KIVI International Engineers section, is an active section with clear mission and objectives. Please visit our webpage for more information.

One of the duties of a board member is to devise and co-organise activities together with other board members, work on achieving the objectives of the section, and extending the reach out of the section. Activities may take many forms, for example, an informative presentation, a workshop, a company visit or a symposium. Activities within the context of our bigger projects are also possible, such as the Chartership Structure or the KIVI-Chairs..

In short, if you would you like to expand your personal network, organise activities and meet (new) colleagues? Let us know by contacting us.

When enough candidates have signed up, we will make an appointment to personally meet with you and other potential board members.

General background information

The Royal Netherlands Society of Engineers (KIVI) is an association. More than 60 sections are at the heart of our association:

  • 37 Discipline based sections
  • 12 Region based sections throughout the whole country
  • 7 Circles with a multidisciplinary social basis
  • Young KIVI for young engineers and students

Together these sections are organising hundreds of activities every year in the context of knowledge, debate and networking. KIVI members have the choice to join one or more sections.

If you are interested in becoming a KIE board member, please feel free to contact KIVI International Engineers section at

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