KIVI students (KS) connects all engineering students, shares knowledge and increases the visibility of engineers. Practically, KS aims to achieve these goals by hosting events that connect and benefit us as future engineers and as a society. One of these events is Engineer The Future: sustainable wind turbines. As a part of this event KS starts with a masterclass on polymer composites to give participants more insight in what we are dealing with when we are talking about these materials. Join the ETF competition to make a difference to society and be part of an even greener energy transition or join this masterclass to enhance your knowledge on composites.

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Polymer composites are materials that have outstanding functional properties which allows for use in high performance lightweight applications such as aircrafts and wind turbines. A major drawback of these materials is that they are most often not made from durable resources and they cannot be recycled into new high-performance products after their functional lifetime; they are not circular. This lecture highlights the challenges that are faced in composite recycling and the current best and efficient industrial practices. Furthermore new emerging technologies that enable more circular recycling or even self-healing of polymer composites are discussed. W (Wouter) Post

dr. ir. Wouter Post

Wouter is working for Wageningen University & Research since 2018 as a researcher and project manager within the Sustainable Plastics Technology group. His work focusses on the development of new materials and products from biobased and biodegradable polymer and the development of thermoset polymers with an inherent recyclability. Special interest lies on bridging the gap between concept and application for materials that biodegrade in controlled and open environments. Before starting his position in Wageningen, he studied Chemical Engineering at the University of Twente and in 2017 he obtained his PhD at the faculty of Aerospace Engineering at Delft University of Technology. He highly enjoys translating the fundamental knowledge gathered in his studies to applied and complex research problems that accelerate the market uptake of renewable materials.

Due to national interest in the event, it is now also available via a livestream via MS Teams, choose your preferred option on the right-hand side.


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