Introduction weeks 2021 - Welcome engineering students!

Join the #KIVIchallenge and win the ride of your life! But how?

  1. Take a picture of an impressive piece of engineering or your funniest -memeworthy- moment during the introduction weeks of 2021.
  2. Share your picture on a social media platform of your choice, with the hashtags: #KIVIingenieur #KIVIchallenge #KIVIstudents.

Every day the best photo of the day will be shared on our KIVI Instagram

The winner will be announced on the 8th of September. May the best moment win!

Want to learn more about the race car? Check the article in De Ingenieur (Dutch)

Engineer your Career – KIVI shows you how

So, you have chosen a study and are now full of enthusiasm participating in the intro. Here you will learn a lot about your fellow students, the city's nightlife and education.

Have you already thought about what you will do with your studies later on?

Chances are that you have questions or uncertainties such as: 'Which direction do I want to go? What can I ultimately do with my studies when I graduate? And, what if I change my mind during my studies?'

Don't worry! You are really not alone!

KIVI is the engineers (and engineers to be) knowledge network that can already help you shape your career. With us you stay informed about the latest news from your field of study and we connect all engineering disciplines so that you learn to work together and gain insight into each other's world. Connecting our engineers can be done in many ways, such as; networking drinks, symposia, conferences, lectures,'s all here! To guide you along your career path, ask one of our 100+ KIVI Engineering Coaches for help. In addition, you can work on your administrative experiences with us by joining our national student board; KIVI Students. For more information about the KIVI Students, click here.

So…if you don't have all the answers by now, that's ok. We will help you! Start the first step of your career today.

By the way, did you know that 8 out of 10 engineers are not employed in their specialization?

What do today's engineers do after their studies? Read all about it here (Dutch). Or click on the photos below for one of the interviews with the technology talents of 2020!

Technology talents of 2020