TU Delft student Pim van Beeck chosen as commissioner external relations of KIVI Students. Read all about Pim and his vision for KIVI here.

My name is Pim van Beeck, I am a student at the Delft University of Technology and will fulfil the role of commissioner of External Relations for KIVI students.

In the coming period, my main focus lies on the personal development and growth of students into all-around engineers. I believe that through KIVI it should be possible for students to easily get into contact with students from different disciplines as this enables more multidisciplinary thinking and prepares them for an ever-changing future. That is why I envision the creation of a platform in which KIVI supports all engineering students across the Netherlands in the organisation of events that promote multidisciplinary thinking.

As commissioner of External Relations, my objective is to make sure that we are in contact with the right people to reach our goals.