HBO Zuyd student Vivianne Reep chosen as secretary of KIVI Students. Read all about Vivianne and her vision for KIVI here.

Hi! My name is Vivianne Reep and I am proud to announce that I will join the KIVI Students board as  Secretary. Ever since I was little, I’ve always had a big passion for Engineering and Technology. This is one of the main reasons I decided to study Engineering until today I have not regretted this for one second. Currently I am in my fourth year of the study Mechanical Engineering at Zuyd Hogeschool Heerlen. One of the reasons that I choose to study at a University of Applied Sciences, is the larger part of practical aspects it contains compared to University. In my studies I try to do a lot of extracurricular things. This goes from helping the school’s management to improve the lessons itself, to investing time in learning more about one of my interests: big (agricultural) machines.

When I want to escape my laptop, I love to go in to the workshop and help there. You can also find me networking with teachers and other students a lot. I love to talk about the things I am passioned about and I also like to discuss with other people. As communication is one of the most important things in everything we do, in both professional as in non-professional occasions. By joining the KIVI Students board, I would like to contribute in creating a place where (young) professionals and students can connect and communicate with each other about both study-related and non-study-related subjects. You can learn a lot by yourself, but together we can learn a lot more!

As a Secretary I keep the board members organised, help logging our communication and events in every way possible and operate as a contact partner. If you have some interesting ideas or like to get in touch with us, do not hesitate to contact us!