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During the Week of Inspiration 2021 Laurens van den Acker – head of Corporate Design Renault Group – will deliver a lecture on the Automobility of the Future. In the running up to this lecture, Daedalus, Proto, Newton, Saxion, KIVI and Studium Generale organize a design competition, in which we challenge you to design a future car in Renault-style.


In the future lots of things will change in the automotive industry: the reduction of fossil fuels and the corresponding upswing of electric/hydrogen powered vehicles. The recycling of materials. Also think of specialized cars like the agile Renault Twizy, which can easily park in a busy city. And what to think of the development of self-steering cars? Besides all these innovations, the looks of the car also have to be attractive!

With this design competition we challenge you to design a future car along the lines of Renault. This means your vehicle must match the Renault style and design features. Please find the mood boards to get inspiration. You are allowed to design a part of the car in detail, but in that case we also want to see a rough sketch of the entire car. It’s important to show what the advantages of your car are, compared to current cars.


  • Your design must match one of the Renault- design lines, including the corresponding design features and style.
  • A rough (or more detailed) draft of the entire car is required; specific elaboration of details is allowed.
  • Clearly show why your design is an improvement for the future.
  • It is allowed to create a retro-design, so a Renault-classic in a modern coat.
  • Please send your design digitally (preferable a detailed pdf) no later than 8 November to:
  • We encourage you to make 3D-animaties/renders also! Make sure your presentation looks nice, because it might be shown at an exhibition (via print or beamer). 
  • UT- and Saxion-students only. Please don't forget to make a registration via the red button on the right!


An all-inclusive trip to Paris (in a Renault of course!), where Laurens van den Acker will guide you around Renault’s Design HQ.

If you want to join (as a group or as an individual), please send us your design no later than 8 November. Make sure you are available on Thursday 25 November (17:00-18:00) for the exhibition and masterclass by Laurens van den Acker. In the evening Van den Acker will deliver his lecture (19:30-21:00) at the end of which he will announce the winner of the competition. So make sure you’re there!

This Design Challenge is powered by KIVI Students Twente, Studium Generale, Saxion, Daedalus, Proto, Newton and Munsterhuis.