How much electricity does the largest electric car park produce? How many loops in a rollercoaster can a human body withstand? What's the best way to fight fake news? 

To celebrate UT’s 60th anniversary, KIVI Students Twente and Studium Generale treat you on a sparkling Science Quiz!

In this quiz, students, alumni and professors will compete against each other to see who knows most about all the amazing science happening in the UT Community. In the atrium of the TechMed Centre, the participants will experience live experiments, brain-hurting questions and live music. 

Do you have what it takes? Join this spectacular event full infotainment. Participation is free including drinks.






After the quiz, a networking event will take place where the participants can talk and connect over a few drinks. This networking event will be an ideal place for companies to connect with the attending students, professors and other companies. To make the science quiz as sustainable as possible we want to ask the attending companies to refrain from bringing any single-use items (flyers/folders) to the event. 


Companies have the possibility to sponsor the science quiz and have the option to choose from different sponsor packages which are mentioned down below. When a company chooses one of the sponsor packages in which a goody can be added to the goody bag, try to make the goody as sustainable as possible as well!


The Bronze sponsor package costs twenty-five euros (€ 25) per person. 

This package consists of the following: entry and participation in the science quiz and networking event for one (1) person.


The Silver sponsor package costs one hundred euros (€ 100).

This package consists of the following: adding a goody to the goody bag for the participants, permission to bring a banner to the network event, entry and participation to the science quiz and networking event for two (2) people.


The Gold sponsor package costs two hundred and fifty euros (€ 250). 

This package consists of the following: adding a goody to the goody bag for the participants, a small company logo printed on the goody bag, permission to bring a banner to the network event, entry and participation in the science quiz and networking event for four (4) people.


The Diamond sponsor package costs seven hundred and fifty euros (€750).

This package contains the main sponsorship of the science quiz and consists of the following: The company can send three (3) scientific-related questions to the organisers. One of these questions will be picked by the organisers and will feature during the quiz itself. During the quiz, the company will be introduced as the main sponsor of the quiz both visually and verbally (by the presenters). On stage, there will be room to place a banner plus a scientific item that belongs to or represents the company. Additionally, the company can add a goody to the participant’s goody baga large company logo will be printed on the goody bag and a standing table will be present for the company at the network event. This package also gives entry and participation to the science quiz and network event to four (4) people.

The Diamond package is no longer available.

With the Silver, Gold and Diamond package the companies can add extra participant tickets for twenty-five euros (€ 25) per person.

Do you want to sponsor the Sciene Quiz? Send an email to


 -  uur Walk in with coffee and tea
 -  uur Opening and explanation quiz
 -  uur Quiz
 -  uur Final and award ceremony
 -  uur Networking with drinks and snacks