Due to the event being forced online by coronavirus measures, some speakers did not find it possible to make a good contribution. Therefore we are forced to cancel the event. 

This event organized by KIVI Students Twente & Space Society Twente will focus on space debris. During the event, you will be asked to engage actively, and afterwards there is room for discussion and sharing of thoughts.

In the coming years, a huge amount of additional satellites will be launched. Many of these will be launched by private companies such as SpaceX and Blue Origin. These mega constellations might provide the world with good internet in all places, but at what cost?

During this event we will look at the space debris problem from three different perspectives. Consequences for astronomy, space exploration and possible solutions to the space debris problem will be highlighted by Anton Pannekoek institute for Astronomy, European Space Agency and Delft University of technology.

Robin Biesbroek from ESA will highlight the Clean Space initiative. This covers the plans of ESA to reduce the amount of space debris.

Jure Japelj, an astrophysicist, will focus on consequences of space debris and satellites on astronomy research. The problems and the severity thereof will be assessed based on projects that he participated in.

The programme:

14:15h - Go live, open questionnaire

14:30h - Introduction

14:35h - Robin Biesbroek on possible solutions to the space debris problem

15:20h - end Robin, short break

15:30h - Jure Japelj on consequences for astronomy

16:15h - end Jure, final questions