WOMEN IN SCIENCE – Inspiration for your career!

How do (other) female engineers shape their careers and how do they realize their plans? Do you want to hear inspiring stories about getting a job after your studies? Do you want to discuss with other ladies about how it is to work in the world of science and do you want to follow a nice workshop? Then you may not miss Women in Science!

This event is organized by KIVI Students Twente in cooperation with KIVI Netwerk Vrouwelijke Ingenieurs. We hope to welcome (PhD-) students, young professionals, career tigers and everything in between. Also men are more than welcome to join!

During this event, three successful women Mariska, Vanessa and Pavlina will give their vision on achieving successes and career plans in this traditional men's world.


Mariska                                   Vanessa                                 Pavlina

The chair of the day is Cristina Zaga, assistant professor, speaker and maker of robothings. At the Human-Centred Design group, of the University of Twente she contributes to teaching and research, specifically focusing design methods for embodied AI and interactive agency. Cristina interests lay in the interaction design and related methodologies for technological products and systems that aim at social good, especially physically embodied AI-driven systems (e.g., robots, IoTs). At the DesignLab, she investigates methodologies, methods, tools, and techniques to connect science, technology, and society through responsible design. Cristina is also board member of KIVI Netwerk Vrouwelijke Ingenieurs.


Cristina                                 Carla

After the pitches you can participate in a creative workshop given by Carla Kamphuis.

During the drinks and some nice sandwiches there is plenty of chance to network with the speakers and other participants. 


16:00h   Walk in with coffee, tea and cookies

16:15h   Welcome and introduction by dr. ir. Cristina Zaga 

16:30h   Pitch by Mariska Bos MSc

Mariska is Multiphysics Engineer at DEMCON Multiphysics. As a multiphysics engineer her expertise lies in consulting clients on physically challenging product designs, supported by simulations of fluid and thermal flows. Prior to joining Demcon multiphysics, Mariska worked as an aerodynamicist for Solar Team Twente, taking charge of optimizing the solar car's exterior to increase its efficiency. Mariska was actively involved in building the solar car, gaining hands-on experience with mechanical design and fabrication. Outside of work, she enjoys spending time on personal mechanical projects, ranging from construction and maintenance on her car to designing and manufacturing her own furniture. With a diverse background in both simulation and practical mechanical work, Mariska brings a well-rounded skillset to her role at Demcon multiphysics.

16:50h   Pitch by prof. dr. Vanessa Magnanimo

Vanessa is Adjunct Professor of Soil MicroMechanics at the Faculty of Engineering Technology. Her research interests are primarily in the area of theoretical analysis and modern simulation techniques applied to wave propagation and constitutive modeling of materials with an internal micro-structure such as soils. She is interested in the use of advanced optimization techniques to improve soil performances and mitigate natural hazards. Within CME, the chair of Soil MicroMechanics combines fundamental soil mechanics and applied research, with focus on novel technologies for improvement of construction (earth) materials and processes, in the spirit of SMART soils. Since 2016, she is chairing the Female Faculty Network Twente.

17:10h   Pitch by dr. ir. Pavlina Nanou

Pavlina Nanou has a chemical engineering background and obtained her PhD at the University of Twente in 2013. She has 16 years of research experience on thermo-chemical conversion technologies of biomass to fuels. The past seven years she is responsible for scaling up the patented TORWASH technology from lab scale to a first demonstration plant, which aims at converting wet organic residues to solid biofuels (pellets). She is co-founder and Managing Director of TORWASH BV that aims at commercialising the technology and is currently leading the demonstration project, funded by the Dutch government, in a consortium with 12 partners.

17:30h   Creative workshop by Carla Kamphuis MSc

Carla Kamphuis (MSc) is a multi-talented creative designer, lettering artist, architect and author. She studied architecture and landscape architecture at the TU Delft. After years of working as an architect, she changed her career. She missed drawing by hand and wanted to create more intuitively. Since 2017 Carla has been designing and drawing for her professional life. Currently she is working on her 10th creative book title. She has given countless workshops, classes and online courses.

In the interactive workshop of Carla we will learn how to draw a building. For this we will get inspiration from an ionic building located at the UT. We are looking forward to your style. And don't forget; with the help of Carla everyone can draw!!

18:30h   Drinks and sandwich buffet

Costs: 5 Euro for KIVI members and students, 10 Euro for UT employees and 25 Euro for others. The price is inclusive catering and a high quality drawing set for the workshop.

This event is powered by Novel-T, Thales, Demcon and Twente Board.