A Balancing Act!

Lecture by Marijn Hage, Naval Architect at NEVESBU

Designing asubmarine is probably the ultimate challenge for a naval architect.

To succesfully marry the conficting requirements of weight, bouyancy, power, speed, range - to name a few - is a true balancing act.

The design of such a complex platform requires thorough knowledge of the product and design tools to match.

In this lecture we will explore what the design challenges are for submarines, what tools are required to approach these challenges and how these tools are optimized for this type of design processes.

Once these conditions have been met, we can start detailing innovative concepts that will change the way submarines are operated (and identify the new challenges that come with such a concept!).

In the finishing touch for the lecture we will close out with a glimpse into the future of submarines, using a Nevesbu-developed concept design.



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