Each year, the TU Delft Solar Boat team builds a boat which is fully powered by the sun. The team consists of 19 students who all put aside their studies for an entire year.
Last year was the first time that the contest was held on open sea, and, on top of this, the team decided to use hydrofoils. Two steps into the unknown!
Sadly, the wing failed, leaving the boat to sail on its hull. Evenso the team managed to get the boat in shape and to win the open sea challenge in Monaco.
Lessons learnt, we intend to do better. Together with Femto Engineering, we will reassess our wing design and bring their boat to its full potential in the coming year, to defend our title of world champions in Monaco.


Nikki van Luijk (Solar Boat Team)
Olivier de Jong (Solar Boat Team)
Leslie Tolsma (Femto Engineering)


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KIVI Martec




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