This years Biezeno Award has 2 winners: Dr. Francesco Maresca and Dr Apostolos Tsouvalas!

The "Biezeno Award for Solid Mechanics" for 2016 has actually two winners!

The winners are Dr. Francesco Maresca and Dr. Apostolos Tsouvalas. Both did such an outstanding research that the jury could not make justifiable reason to choose one of them above the other.


Francesco's PhD thesis is named: 'Multi-scale modelling of plasticity and damage of lath martensite in multi-phase steels'

His thesis supervisor was Professor Marc Geers and his research was done at the department of Mechanical Engineering of the Eindhoven University of Technology.


Apostolos' PhD thesis is named: 'Underwater noise generated by offshore pile driving'

His thesis supervisor was Professor Andrei Metrikine and his research was done at the department of Structural Engineering of the Delft University of Technology


The Biezeno Awards are awarded at the 19th Engineering Mechanics symposium, which took place on the 25 of Oktober (2016) in Papendal.


The Biezeno Award is an award for the best PhD thesis on Solid Mechanics and is an collaboration between KIVI Mechanics and the Graduate School of Engineering Mechanics (EM). More information can be found here.