Dr. ir. Sander Huisman wins the 2015 Hoogendoorn Award for his PhD thesis in Fluid Mechanics

The winner of the "Hoogendoorn Award for Fluid Mechanics" for 2015 is: Dr. ir. Sander Huisman. He got this award due to his outstanding PhD research.

His PhD thesis is named: Taylor-Couette turbulence.

His research was focused on the turbulence in a Taylor-Couette machine (a commonly used test configuration for proving fluid mechanics theories) and specifically on the ratio/relations between local and global parameters.

His thesis supervisor was Professor Detlef Lohse and his research was done for the University of Twente.

The Hoogendoorn Award will be awarded to Dr. ir. Sander Huisman at the 2016 Burgers Symposium, which will take place on the 16 and 17 of June 2016 in Lunteren.

To read more about his thesis, click here.


The Hoogendoorn Award is an award for the best PhD thesis on Fluid Mechanics and is an collaboration between KIVI Mechanics and the J.M. Burgercentrum (JMBC). More information can be found here.