On Tuesday the 25th of February, the Mijnbouwkundige Vereeniging, TU Delft, will host its 11th Halflustrum Symposium. Tickets can now be bought at www.mvlustrum.nl ! There is also a LinkedIn event where you can connect with other visitors: https://www.linkedin.com/events/symposiumofthe11thhalf-lustrumofthemijnbouwkundige/

The theme of the symposium is:

Fuel the Future: Todays potential for a sustainable tomorrow.

As with this theme, we hope to discuss the current energy issue of today; the transition from fossil fuels to sustainable forms of energy, with stricter rules on CO2 emissions, and a Paris Agreement as a firm basis. The organizing Symposium Committee would like to put the emphasis on the fact that energy transition needs to be of a gradual nature to sustainable forms of energy, and that this does not happen overnight. In fact, many oil and gas companies will keep on exploiting their resources for the next years, as a better alternative is yet to be found.

With our theme, we hope to attract a broad international audience that is interested in both fossil fuels and sustainable forms of energy.

The symposium will be held in Theatre de Veste, in Delft. During this day, many presentations will be given, along with general and parallel sessions. A panel discussion will be held at the end of the day, where an interesting discussion is expected to take place. After this, we would like to invite all our guests to the foyer for drinks. This is where we can all reflect on the day, and also meet some interesting people from the industry, as some companies will have an information stand.

We hope to see you all there.

Glück Auf!