In September 2018, the 3rd European Conference on Natural Products will again feature recent advances in secondary metabolite research. With a special emphasis on networking opportunities, the posters exhibition, and the interaction of academic and industrial research, the programme will span a wide range of topics:

•Structural Biology
•Targets and MoA of Natural Products
•Organic Syntheses
•Biosyntheses & Synthetic Biology
•Chemical Communication
•Methods (from bioinformatics to screening)

Keynote speakers
•Ikuro Abe, The University of Tokyo/JP
Engineered Biosynthesis of Medicinal Natural Products
•John Robinson, University of Zurich/CH
Peptidomimetic Antibiotics: Inspired by Nature, and a return to Nature
•Richmond Sarpong, University of Berkeley, CA/USA
Strategies and Methods for Chemical Synthesis Inspired by Complex Natural Products
•Martin Schmeing, McGill University, Montreal/CND
Structures and functions of nonribosomal peptide synthetases, macromolecular antibiotic factories
•Frank C. Schroeder, Cornell University, Ithaca, NY/USA
Uncovering the “Dark Matter” of the Chemistry of Life

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Dechema 2018

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