On the 13th of November we would once again like to welcome you all in the Prodent Fabriek for our annual event. The annual event is a place for networking, meeting and getting up to speed on the latest projects and results. All partners, stakeholders, researchers, students and others will get a chance meet, learn and catch up.

The annual event’s theme this year will be the Climate Agreement, following from the Paris agreement where we agreed to lower CO2 emissions worldwide by almost 50% by the year 2030. In the Dutch climate agreement, the industry will play a vital role in achieving these ambitious goals together. At the annual event we will provide you all with some building blocks to help translate the climate agreement into mission driven innovation programs. As the Ministry of economic affairs and climate states; we will need a ‘mission driven’ innovation policy if we are to succeed together.

Based on the ‘Tapis de Bayeux’ we designed a 7,5-meter-long ‘Tapis D’Energie’ showing the energy transition the industry is currently going through, and future developments ending in a fully circular and emission free 2050. You can view the energy tapestry at the annual event. Besides viewing it, you can also exprience the energy transition in our CO2 serious game. Step into the role of the government, an industry or a technology provider and see how we can all seriously play our way towards the year 2050. You can choose to join several different missions or workshops at the event.


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