I am so delighted and very proud to be able to present our new board of Network of Women Engineers of KIVI - Koninklijk Instituut Van Ingenieurs

Diverse in age, background, expertise, and working profile:

Petra C. De Weerd-Nederhof as vice chair experienced in science and innovation,
Karlineke Knaap as treasurer and event officer experienced in building and infrastructure,
Sabine Batenburg as event officer experienced in geotechnology and watermanagement,
Giandra Rasmijn Cardose as event officer experienced in area development in energy distribution system operation and last but not least
Cristina Zaga as secretary experienced in science and social justice in artificial intelligence.

We are committed to empowerment of women engineers and will support via events, company visits, round tables, network activities, coaches, role models, etc
Looking forward to our brainstorm meeting and kick off in November to work out our year calender for empowerment of women engineers.