Wie wil mee werken aan een onderzoek naar gender-ongelijkheid in carrière?

NVI is benaderd door een studente van Windesheim, die op zoek is naar vrouwen die mee willen werken aan een interview. 


Hello all!

My name is Kaisa Keerd and I am a student from Windesheim Honours College. Currently I am doing a research with my classmate, Eva Merkle, about SDG number 5 which is focused on inequalities.

Our research looks into women's stories on how they reached leading positions in their careers and what struggles and support they experienced to overcome gender inequality. The research is qualitative by nature and we are looking for women to interview, women who are willing to share their stories and bring more awareness to the problem of gender inequality. If you are a woman, in a leading position in a company or in an NGO, whether it be big or small, then you are who we are looking for. We think that all women have experienced struggles when climbing the career ladder and we would like to hear about them.

The results will be anonymous and data is only viewed by myself and my fellow researcher Eva Merkle.

Please contact me if you would be interested in participating and sharing your story.
My email: kaisakeerd@gmail.com

Thank you and kind regards,
Kaisa and Eva