BAM is engaged in the design, manufacture, tow-out and installation of 5 reinforced concrete gravity base foundations (GBFs) at Blyth on the Northeast coast of England. The client, EDF Energy Renewables, is aiming to demonstrate the combination of reinforced concrete gravity base foundations, 8.3MW turbines and 66kV export and array cabling. Design of the bases has been undertaken by BAM Infraconsult. The selfbuoyant structure consists of a reinforced concrete caisson, supporting a steel shaft which is towed out to site, immersed in position and ballasted with sand. This solution is applicable to water depths of 30-55 metres. Manufacture of the bases is being undertaken in a dry dock on the banks of the River Tyne at Wallsend, Newcastle. The lecture will focus on the experiences from the demonstrator and the future of this new generation of foundations for large offshore wind turbines.

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Sander Overbeeke (Design Manager at BAM Infraconsult) and Erik ten Oever (Lead Engineer at BAM Infraconsult)


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