In 2014 Huisman received the order for two 10,000mt Tub Mounted Cranes. Since then blood, sweat and tears have gone into development, construction and commissioning of these world’s largest cranes. With the sheer size of these cranes, the realization of this project is a feat in itself. To give an impression of quantity and size of components, the cranes require:
- 438 Cable sheaves of ø1560mm
- 22 hoisting winches
- 166 E-motors and gearboxes
- 2232 M80 Stud bolts for fixing the slew bearing
Huisman will give an overview of the different logistic and constructional challenges met, which have required a continuous global effort from all involved.

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Martijn Reissen-Weber (Global Manager Commissioning at Huisman Equipment)


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