Oil and Gas import and export terminals are generally planned at strategic locations, usually selected based on economic and political grounds rather than on the technically most favourable conditions for construction.

BAM has designed and built many LNG jetties around the world, including in some of the most seismically active areas such as The Philippines and Papua New Guinee. Using the correct design starting points is crucial for the safe delivery and operation during the full lifetime of the facilities.

From assessing site-specific seismic hazards to evaluating the seismically-induced demands on structures, Fugro is world market leader in providing seismic services needed for a reliable the design. Together Fugro and BAM will highlight the challenges and what is needed for successfully developing a jetty and other marine infrastructure in heavy seismic areas.

Speakers: Ramon Secanell Gallart (Senior Seismologist Fugro France Geoconsulting), Marco van den Berg (Adviseur Maritieme Constructies, BAM Infraconsult) and Johan van Staveren (Adviseur Geotechniek, BAM Infraconsult)

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