SMIT is synonymous with many of the largest and most complex salvage operations that have taken place over the last century. They provide 24/7 emergency response, salvage, wreck removal and environmental care services across the globe at a moment’s notice. SMIT has decades of experience in carrying out demanding projects in challenging circumstances and environments, from the heat of the Middle East to the cold of the polar region. SMIT has the advanced technology and expertise needed to handle any situation. Welcoming KIVI in their Emergency Response Center in Vlaardingen, SMIT will take the KIVI-members deeper into the salvage industry and elaborate on a selection of methods & equipment.

Speaker: Alexander Gorter, Sr. Naval Architect / Salvage Master at SMIT Salvage

At the time of publishing this event, there are still many uncertainties around Covid-19 and the possible restrictions for hosting lectures and excursions at company sites. Lectures that cannot be held on site will be held online.Please keep an eye at for the latest information on the lecture program, locations and starting time of the lectures.