"Recent Advancements of Joint-Industry-Projects in Offshore Wind"

Being an applied research institute on topics related to water, soil and infrastructure, Deltares is very active in joint-industry-projects and specialist consultancy in offshore wind. Four specialists will provide an overview of the state-of-the-art on offshore wind related topics. These lectures will illustrate examples of the knowledge gained in several Joint-Industry-Projects such as HaSPro, SIMON, WiFi, O&M, NS-VIP and ECO-FRIEND: 

  1. MeteoDashboard, a decision support system for Operation and Maintenance in offshore wind farms, Jan-Joost Schouten
  2. (Breaking) wave loads on offshore structures: a numerical modelling approach, validated against laboratory measurements, Niels Jacobsen
  3. From (just) functional to eco-friendly scour protections for offshore wind foundations, Tim Raaijmakers
  4. Numerical simulation of the full monopile installation process, Ahmed Elkadi

Before the lectures there is the opportunity to join a guided tour along Deltares’ hydraulic and geotechnical laboratory facilities.


 -  uur Reception at Delta Plaza (with drinks and sandwiches)
 -  uur Start of guided tours along Deltares’ experimental facilities
 -  uur Lectures with coffee break in between
 -  uur Drinks