Until recently significant subsidies were required for the development of offshore wind projects. The second Borssele offshore wind farm contract is already developed with a fraction of the anticipated subsidy, while recently the Dutch government has awarded Borssele V to the ‘Two Towers’ consortium with minimum subsidies. Hence it is expected subsidies will no longer be required to achieve commercially viable projects. Eneco, Shell and Van Oord are partners in the consortium that will construct the Borssele III and IV offshore wind parks. The speakers of this evening, experts in renewable and wind energy, will give you insights in the developments in the offshore wind market and technology that contribute to the aspired “subsidy free” offshore wind industry. This evening is organized in cooperation with KIVI Civil Engineering. Dinner and drinks are offered with the complements of Eneco, Shell, DoB-Academy and Van Oord.


Arnoud Kuis (Director Offshore Wind Projects - Van Oord)
Dorine Bosman (Vice president Wind - Shell)
Hugo Buis (MD Generation & Storage - Eneco)
Jan van der Tempel (CEO - Ampelmann & DOB)



Raam 180, 2611 WP Delft


Offshore Techniek

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 -  uur Arrival at DOB Academy, Raam 180, Delft
 -  uur Arnoud Kuis - Director Offshore Wind - Van Oord: ‘Contractors perspective on cost reduction in offsh
 -  uur Dorine Bosman - Vice president Wind - Shell: ‘Offshore Wind - market developments and future trends’
 -  uur Warm meal at DOB Academy
 -  uur Hugo Buis - MD Generation & Storage - Eneco: ‘Long term view on sustainable offshore energy market’
 -  uur Jan van der Tempel - CEO - Ampelmann & DOB: ‘New Technologies that contribute a ‘subsidy free’ offsh
 -  uur Summary/Panel discussion
 -  uur Drinks in Café de Ruif, Kerkstraat 22-24, 2611 GX Delft