North Sea Energy is a dynamic research program at the heart of which is an integrated approach to the energy system.
The North Sea provides opportunities for the integrated implementation of the future climate-neutral energy system:
- Well suited for offshore wind
- Possibilities for large-scale underground carbon storage
- The pivotal role in the energy supply of the North Sea countries. Initially oil and gas, now increasingly with renewable energy
By connecting the infrastructure of wind energy, hydrogen, CO2 and natural gas, we save money and time. In doing so, we make effective use of space and reduce carbon emissions.
The North Sea will play a pivotal role in the success of the European energy transition.
Within the program we explore several potential energy hubs of the future energy system - all with their own opportunities and challenges. Rapid system integration therefore requires a strategic plan for each hub and a short-term development plan.

Speaker: Joris Koornneef, Consultant Geo Strategy Sustainable Geo Energy at TNO.

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