Two landmark events in the (petro-) chemical industry have (had) their anniversary in 2014 and 2015. On December 2nd,2014 it was 30 years after the Bhopal tragedy in India and in in March 2015 it will be 15 years after the explosion at BP Texas City refinery. Both tragedies left deep scars within the engineering and industrial society.
How did we evolve since then, what did we learn, and what do we do in our designs to minimize the potential of these tragedies to happen again?
Jacobs was directly involved in the Texas City explosion (the majority of victims where Jacobs Employees). As a result of this Jacobs made Safety in Design as one of its main focus points and Jacobs contributes with its BeyondZero Philosophy in this effort.
The presentation given by Mr. Ton Jansen (Manager Design HSE at Jacobs Leiden) will give you an insight on how Jacobs’s philosophy is working and how it is embedded in their design and engineering projects.

Take safety everywhere you go.
For us, (Jacobs), safety is more than a policy manual or a training video; it’s how we do business and it’s how we live 24/7. Jacobs invites you to experience our culture of caring – a culture in which safety, health and welfare are top priorities; and in which we’re all responsible for looking out for one another.

This safety culture extends outside the office walls, beyond the project site and into our cars, our homes, and our communities; affecting all the people we interact with everywhere around the world. BeyondZero® is the name of our safety program, and it’s about every one of us making safety a personal value that we live by each day.

18:00 u. Registration (cafe/tea/snacks)
18:30 u. KIVI in Progress by ing. Paul van Moerkerken (KIVI-LEI)
18:50 u. Company Introduction Jacobs by Nol Hefkens (Jacobs / KIVI-OG)
19:15 u. Safety in Design by Mr. Ton Jansen (Jacobs)
20:00 u. Network + drinks


Mr. ing. Paul van Moerkerken (board member KIVI-Leiden)
Mr. ing. A.H. (Nol) Hefkens president KIVI Oil- and gastecnology / Jacobs
Mr. ir. Ton Jansen (Manager Design HSE at Jacobs Leiden)


KIVI gebouw, Prinssegracht 23 Den Haag

Grote zaal 29-01-2015 18:00 u


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