On 20 April 2017, graduate student Robbin Motzheim was awarded the yearly prize for best Offshore & Dredging Engineering Graduate 2017 by chairman of the jury Wim Jolles and by the KIVI OT chairman Pieter Swart.

Robbin performed his graduation entitled ‘VIBRATION-IMPACT CUTTING OF SUBMERGED FROZEN CLAY IN AN ARCTIC TRENCHING PROCESS’ at Royal IHC and was supervised at TU Delft by Prof. Cees van Rhee and Sape Miedema.

Prof. Cees van Rhee, chairman of the graduation committee of the winning graduate, received the prize of best Offshore Engineering Professor 2017.

The award ceremony took place at the DOB-Academy in Delft, hosting the monthly KIVI OT lecture event. DOB-Academy offers offshore energy education for professionals which aligns very well with the objective of the KIVI award for the best MSc thesis in Offshore & Dredging Engineering.

Hereby an impression of the KIVI OT lecture event and award ceremony of 20 April 2017: