The Center for Wireless Technology (CWTe) bi-monthly* colloquium webinar will have two speakers in this colloquium/webinar on interesting wireless topics:


Yuri Konter, NLR – Simulation of Wireless Avionics Intra-Communications radio waves in and around aircraft

Robbert Schulpen, TU/e – Millimeter-wave channel sounding for 5G and beyond

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Speaker 1:

Abstract 1:

Simulation of Wireless Avionics Intra-Communications radio waves in and around aircraft by Yuri Konter (NLR)

Aviation industry is always looking for ways to reduce the environmental impact of flying. This pursuit is pushing the aircraft industry towards more electric and connected aircraft. The Horizon 2020 project ADENEAS contributes to this objective with safe, light-weight power and data distribution networks that are scalable to all aircraft sizes. A key enabling technology is the Wireless Avionics Intra-Communications project, which aims to replace parts of the existing wired data network with a wireless alternative.

Major challenges in the development of wireless data communication within an aircraft are reliability and compatibility with legacy aircraft equipment. To address these challenges, a model was developed to characterize the behavior or radio waves within and around the fuselage of an aircraft. In this presentation the design process of the simulation model and the resulting final model are presented. Furthermore, early results from simulations are shown and discussed. 

Speakers bio

Yuri Konter earned his master’s degree in physics at the TU Delft and now works in the Electromagnetic technology and Antennas group at Royal NLR. His work focuses on the development and integration of antennas and the study of propagation of radio waves.

Speaker 2:

Abstract 2:

Millimeter-wave channel sounding for 5G and beyond by Robbert Schulpen (TU/e)

Millimeter-waves enable higher capacity and higher data-rates for future mobile communication systems. The different propagation conditions compared to sub-6 GHz, the need for directional communication and the higher channel dynamics pose challenges for millimeter-wave communication. Detailed understanding and characterization of the millimeter-wave channel are needed to solve these challenges and can be obtained via channel sounding. In this presentation, the millimeter-wave channel sounding activities at TU/e are presented, including an overview of the developed TU/e millimeter-wave channel sounder and the measured impact of human blockage on the indoor millimeter-wave channel.

Speakers bio

Robbert Schulpen is a postdoctoral researcher in the Electromagnetics Group at TU/e on millimeter-wave communication and channel sounding. He received the BSc (2015), MSc (2017) and PhD (2022) degrees from TU/e. During his studies, he conducted an internship on 60 GHz channel sounding at NYU Wireless. His research interests include millimeter-wave communication, channel sounding, channel modeling and antenna system design.

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Room for questions/discussion after each presentation.