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Thursday 18th October the KIVI Innovation Drink “Lab-on-a-Chip” took place. Prof. dr. Jan Eijkel and dr. ir. Mark Olde Riekerink from Micronit gave us insight in the world of micro- and nanofluidics. We learned how scaling down to microscale increases the information density and creates opportunities for nanoscale laboratory.

Jan Eijkel explained the fundamentals of microfluidics including the laminar flow, controlled diffusion, and controlled generation of droplets. He described how applications could benefit from these fundamentals. Using the laminar flow of microchannels, different fluids can be brought into contact without mixing. Because there is diffusion of the fluids, analysis of the reaction between the two fluids over time is possible.

Mark Olde Riekerink illustrated the growing business of “Lab-on-a-Chip” and its widespread applications. For example, “Lab-on-a-Chip” has made it possible to sequence the whole human genome for only €1000, which used to cost €100.000.000. “Lab-on-a-Chip” has more practical, day to day applications as well. Small chips that only need a small drop of blood to measure the lithium concentration in blood already exist.  

A few examples of these “Lab-on-a-Chip” applications could even be examined further during our network drink, which led to enthusiastic discussions.  

Altogether, we look back at an inspiring afternoon!



You are invited to a brand new edition of the KIVI Innovation Drinks Twente!
This edition will start with two inspiring presentations about Lab-on-a-Chip and will conclude with an informal networking drink in the Grand Café.

The first speaker is prof. dr. Jan Eijkel, professor Nanofluidics for Lab on a Chip Applications at University of Twente (Group Biomedical and Environmental Sensor Systems).

On the nanoscale fluids behave fundamentally different from fluid behavior on the microscale because the extreme confinement causes another set of forces to become dominant. In the Nanofluidics for Lab on a Chip Applications group they explore the fundamentals of nanoscale fluid behavior and apply the knowledge gained to subjects ranging from green energy generation to metal nanoparticle-assisted nanopore fabrication and from innovative separation methods to point of care diagnostics.

The second presentation will be given by dr. ir. Mark Olde Riekerink, business manager Life Science Research at Micronit microtechnologies BV.

Micronit provides innovative lab-on-a-chip and MEMS solutions with a unique combination of micro- and nanotechnologies, different materials, microfluids and MEMS knowledge. Amongst a big range of products Micronit offers Organ-on-a-chip, which empowers a newly developed multidisciplinairy field in which human cell biology and microfluids are merged on top of a lab-on-a-chip architecture.

Would you like to broaden your professional network or are you curious about Lab-on-a-Chip? Get in touch, share your thoughts and broaden your network at the KIVI Innovation Drinks Twente! There will be free drinks and there is no entrance fee.

We hope to see you on the 18th of October!

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