2015: Acceleration of Personalized Medicine Applications – dr. ir. Zaid Al-Ars

In the context of applying big data solutions to urgent societal challenges, Zaid Al-Ars gave a masterclass titled "Acceleration for Personalized Medicine Big Data Applications". The class discussed how big data systems enable doctors to use DNA information to help patients with diagnosing genetic disease and devise a personalized treatment plan. A number of solutions were presented and discussed, followed by a demo of a scalable big data platform, specifically designed for personalized medicine solutions. Personalized medicine is the customization of Healthcare. It is a revolution in the medical world because we can use data and computational tools to prevent deceases and targeted medicine personal. We have to use optimized infrastructures to cope with growing data volumes and increasing complexity of analyses. Both are computational and data challenges to reduce compute time to targeted cancer and to reduce costs of dealing with more patients and diseases to be treated.

The audience was keen to understand the issues and the solutions presented. The Q&A session and discussion continued well into the break and had to be taken offline to start the following session. A number of contacts were interested to follow-up on the masterclass for further discussions and evaluation of possible collaboration opportunities.

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