2015: Crowdsourcing in Enterprise Environments – dr. ir. Alessandro Bozzon

The masterclass by Alessandro Bozzon introduced the audience with the underpinning principles and "theories" of crowdsourcing and human computation. Several characterising challenges of these data science disciplines were discussed; participants actively interacted with the lecturer, to provide examples of concrete engineering and scientific issues that could be addressed by human computation techniques.

If you understand the mind of humans, you can make a better system. To make an intelligent system, it should be social data semantic. That means the system should be from the people, by the people and for the people, because humans are still smarter than machines. The main question is how men and machine can improve their collaboration to produce more efficient solutions. In crowdsourcing one can define two different types: microwork (often done by bigger companies) and online freelancing (often done by smaller companies and/or individuals). Humans are better in sensing, recognizing and putting things in order. That is why computers still need humans to help them with certain tasks involving big data.

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