2015: Scalable High Performance Systems – dr. ir. Alexandru losup

The masterclass ‘Scalable High Performance Systems' held by Alexandru Iosup focused on data centers, one of the main requirements for an information culture. Building and maintaining a server is not profitable for most companies, this leads to an increase in massive data centers that store data. “To cope with the increasing computation demands and with the data deluge, we have already started to build complex hardware and software ecosystems, exposed as cloud services to a vast user community”, Iosup explained. These users demand high performance or high throughput, and may switch at any time among the hundreds of service providers and technologies. Interesting new challenges emerge in the operation of the datacentres that form the infrastructure of cloud services, and in supporting the dynamic workloads of demanding users. 

It is predicted that there will be about 44 zettabytes in circulation in the year 2020, these are more bytes than there are grains of sand on Earth. Data centers have to grow to process this number of bytes. This is only possible if datacenters are super-scalable, super-flexible and at the same time super-efficient. Eventually, the industry will have no choice, because “to out-compute is to out-compete" as Iosup says; the strength of the Western industry lies in high-tech gadgetry, so data centers can operate more efficiently.

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