2017: Smart Algorithms for Smart Grids - dr. Mathijs de Weerdt & dr. Matthijs Spaan


Presentation 'Smart Algorithms for Smart Grids' (PDF)

Content of the Master Class

Renewable energy sources are not as predictable and controllable as sources that rely on fossil fuels. Therefore, the future electricity system requires flexible demand and increased communication. This brings about many novel and challenging algorithmic questions to support data-driven decision making. In this master class we will

  • provide an entry-level survey of computational challenges in the smart grid,
  • indicate the computational limitations of solving such problems (complexity theory),
  • explain possible algorithmic approaches such as mathematical (mixed integer) modeling and dynamic programming, and give some concrete examples of using these in detail in realistic case studies:
    • trading flexibility of electric vehicles
    • optimizing flexible electricity use under infrastructural constraints
    • planning power consumption given uncertain renewable sources