2017: Software Analytics - dr. Andy Zaidman


Presentation 'Software Analytics - dr. Andy Zaidman' (PDF)

Content of the Master Class

Software is infiltrating our society in many ways. We are relying on it for our daily lives (just think of your smartphone), it is able to disrupt entire industries and it enables important scientific and engineering advances. With software taking such a prominent place in our society, we are placing an enormous trust on it in that we expect it to be reliable. Yet, in 2016, $1.1 trillion USD in assets were impacted by software failures[1].

Yet, when we talk about ensuring the quality of a software product, not that much is known how people go about this. There is lots of folklore, there are a lot of assumptions, but not real insights. This is where software analytics, deep insights into the development process of software systems, can play an important role.

During this Master class, we will share insights that we have recently obtained when observing 2400 software engineers during their daily work. We establish their goals and ambitions with regard to the quality of the software they are producing and compare that to how they work in practice.

We look at how they test their software, how they use some of the latest enabling technologies, such as Continuous Integration, and we gauge how they go about solving the bugs they encounter.

The state-of-the-practice that we observe is surprising and reassuring at the same time. Yet, a better state-of-the-practice will mean that we need to empower software engineers to step up.

[1] https://www.applause.com/blog/software-testing-breaches-2016/