TU Delft is happy to announce the 4th event in the symposium series “Solid Oxide Fuel Cells for next generation power plants” to be held at Delft University of Technology on February 1st, 2018 (full day event).

The focus this year is on  reversible solid oxide cells (rSOCs), bidirectional power plants & energy storage. The symposium gathers prominent speakers from different countries and continents, representing universities, research institutes and industry and aims at offering a platform for discussing all related developments. Topics covered will span from cells to stacks, systems and applications. Most of the speakers are involved in leading efforts on developing reversible rSOC systems. Please  find the details at https://www.socpowerplants.org/. Please register at the earliest (Registration closes on 26th January).

Note: There are only limited seats available and upon registration, a confirmation will be sent by the organizing team if your place is assured.

DOWNLOAD: Flyer 'Solid Oxide Fuel Cells for next generation power plants'