“la Caixa” Banking Foundation is looking for experts to join their team of research project reviewers.

“la Caixa” Banking Foundation is the first philanthropic institution in Spain and one of the largest in the world. Its commitment to support scientific research and innovation is rooted in its history and will consolidate and grow throughout its 2016-19 Strategic Plan.

In this context, they are about to launch a new open call for research proposals in the area of Life Sciences which will become a benchmark in Spain and Portugal. This call will be one of the most important in their portfolio, which already contains calls selection for scientific careers, as well as the field of technology transfer. The “la Caixa” Foundation calls selection procedure follows international standards and consist of a peer review process and a number of final expert selection panels.

Should you be interested in joining a team of scientific reviewers, you can fill out this simple form. To become a reviewer for this particular call you need to be currently working outside Spain and Portugal. You will be financially remunerated for your work according to European standards. An answer before December 22 will be highly appreciated.