The European Union recently approved the European Union AI-act, the first-ever legal framework on Artificial Intelligence (AI). However, this act is not applicable for Defence related applications. Nevertheless, AI for Defence is developing as rapidly as in other sectors and will only gain speed in the near future. The seminar is organised in collaboration between Eurodefense Netherlands and KIVI Defence and Security.
During this afternoon seminar we will discuss AI technology development, policy issues and applications for Defence. 

If relevant, this could lead to Eurodefense or KIVI recommendations to European or national authorities.

The detailed programme is (all times local = GMT+2):

12:30 Optional light lunch (if reserved)

12:45 Reception of guests @ KIVI
13:10 Opening
13:25 Bart Groothuis (V) (Member European Parliament - Renew Europe) - European AI policy related to Defence 
13:30 Salvia Mirza (Resonant Consulting, UK) - Introduction and opportunities of AI for Defence 
14:15 Sofia Romansky (The Hague Centre for Strategic Studies) - Intl. Governance for AI in the Military Domain 
15:00 Break
15:15 Jeroen van der Vlugt (CIO MoD NL) – NL MoD policy and vision on AI for Defence applications
16:00 Maarten Schadd (TNO) – Operationalizing responsible military AI: challenges and future directions
16:45 Closing remarks
17:00 Reception and drinks 
18:00 Departure of guests

Chairperson of the day will be Ms. Barbara Visser, former State Secretary for Defence 

Participation is possible in-person at KIVI in The Hague or online for members of EDTA and Eurodefense associations only.

For in-person participation register use button "Aanmelden" on the right/top side of this page.
Eurodefense and EDTA members from abroad: email your intention to participate in-person to
For online participation use this link. (Eurodefense members and members of EDTA associations only). 




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