Space-based capabilities deliver a wide range of effects that underpin daily life in European Union democracies and that need to be further developed and secured. Vis-à-vis the experiences from the Ukrainian battlefield the EU´s existing plans and considerations regarding the space sector need to be revisited. 

Clearly, geopolitical rivalries between major powers such as the USA, China and Russia have an impact on space. The given massive transformation in space has not only affected present and upcoming multi-domain military operations.  In the commercial sector, mega-constellations are developing with disruptive technologies as catalysts. As competition is growing, strategic competitors seek to undermine NATO’s and the EU´s political, industrial, commercial and military-strategic objectives by deploying increasingly sophisticated strategies, often through well-orchestrated political, military, economic, social, infrastructural and information efforts.

The ongoing Russian aggression in Ukraine has highlighted the criticality of space for observing, documenting and countering Russian activities. Commercial providers have an impressive abundance and quality available of satellite imagery, communications and a variety of other services. However, in times of conflict and war they are not as reliable as they should be.

This underlines the urgency for the EU to develop its own capabilities. 

Eurodefense Nederland and KIVI Defence and Security jointly organise a seminar on this important matter.


  • Anna Samsel (European Commission - DEFIS) – European Union policy on military space
  • Patrick Bolder (HCSS, BSTS) – Netherlands policy on space 
  • Mark van Persie (NLR) – Current military space capabilities and Netherlands involvement
  • Chris Verhoeven (Delft University) – New technologies and future options


  • Ralph Thiele (President Eurodefense Germany, chairman Eurodefense Working Group on Space)


  • 13:00 Doors open
  • 13:30 Presentations
  • 16:00 Panel discussion
  • 16:30 Reception
  • 17:30 End

Conference language

  • English

Picture: Pixabay CC0


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