The future Dutch full carbon-free energy system

Dutch energy system will look quite different in 2050 from what we have now. It is very important to have a detailed view on the expected 2050 system so that an efficient transition can be defined and realized. Many published scenarios still make use of a considerable amount of carbon fuels in 2050 which makes it difficult to arrive at the desired CO2 emission targets. It is often claimed that this cannot be achieved without the (extensive) use of CCS technology.

We have set as our goal to have a zero carbon energy system and investigate if the Netherlands can satisfy the demand largely by energy resources from the Netherlands. This design study shows that this is indeed possible. However it will necessitate big changes in how we use energy at the demand side and how we match the demand with the available energy supply. The proposed design has not been simulated but seems feasible. Nevertheless it is suggested to perform simulations in order to validate the design.

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The socio-political merit order:

"Developing energy strategies that can be rapidly deployed"

By: Kornelis Blok, with input from Roshan Sharma, David de Jager, René Groot Bruinderink, and Jan Cihlar
Date: 16 April 2018, Ecofys and Navigant


Socio-political merit order (c) Ecofys, a Navigant company

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